New aerial photography & videography services

Today, we are taking our business into the sky by offering the new aerial photography and videography services.

We have invested in the latest aerial technology to capture bird’s-eye view of your assets, our newest RGD1 aerial multi-rotor camera will record the highest quality of videos and photos from high above.

Show the vastness of your infrastructure projects, outdoor events and even rolling stock in motion for pitching or upcoming exhibitions. It will help uplift your company profile and illustrate your capabilities within the industry.

Watch the promo video to see the potential

Why go aerial?

  • Flexible – We liaise with you to identify your specific requirements
  • Safe – Our roter features 5-direction obstacle sensing and ultrasound ground detection. We also conduct a location risk assessment before flying
  • Accessible – Easier to access to remote locations and geographic challenging areas
  • Affordable – We offer same pricing structure as normal videography service. It is more affordable than helicopter or any other means

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We are changing with time

We present a new marketing video that moves past the rail stereotype to reach our audiences’ inner child through a short story. Along with this video, we also launch our new website that includes many improvements to our stock rail photo library.

“Our passion for rail continues to grow” video

We are passionate about the industry and helping our clients to communicate successfully.

Rather than a traditional “train” type of image, we want to reach our audiences’ emotion and illustrate the our creative skills.

Take a look:

New website and stock library
Over 10,000 ready-to-use rail images at your fingertips

The design concept of our new website is simple – It’s about your experience.

We want to show you how to achieve rail transport marketing results across photography, videography and graphic design. You will also see why RailGallery is one of the industry’s most trusted marketing brands.

The new stock library allows you to more easily purchase any of our high-quality photographs. Simply browse, select and checkout.

As an introductory offer, save up to 50%* on selected purchases!

Bookmark this page and share with your colleagues:

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New stock video library

In the coming months, we will be launching our stock video library which will include static, moving, and aerial rail videos, Stay tuned for further updates.

We look forward to continuing to support your marketing needs, and to working together with you again soon.

500 kph - Life changing moments

Very recently while traveling in Japan, I overheard a conversation on-board a Shinkansen train, which very broadly could easily be summarised as “Everything for Europeans and Japanese is doable, and everything for Australians is too difficult.”

It is no secret that I am an avid train enthusiast, so, the combination of that with the conversation in the background and being on a Shinkansen, probably shifted my thoughts towards the High Speed Rail situation in Australia versus the rest of the world.

I couldn’t help but wonder why countries around the world keep investing in High Speed Rail but Australia is not.

Is it a lack of political will? Is there not enough public support or interest? Is it too expensive? Is it a matter of technology being mature enough and affordable?

I do strongly believe that the benefits of making High Speed Rail a reality in Australia outweigh any excuse given.

For example, from a practical point of view if Sydney were a 40-minute train commute away, I could work in Sydney and live in Canberra.

And just in case you’re wondering… No, it’s not an impossible dream. In ten years in Japan, people who live in Nagoya will be able to work in Tokyo and travel back, in around 40 mins by Superconducting Maglev trains.

But this is not only a matter of practicality and making life easier, there are recent studies that show High Speed Rail is feasible and will provide benefits from an economic point of view, not to mention of course the environmental benefits.

So how is it that something that is obviously beneficial for our Nation has not get enough traction?

I believe that if we are to shift people from advocating for road to rail, everyone needs to do more than what we’ve done in promoting this cause.

Effective communication is the key. We need to find ways to inform and persuade the public. We have to be more efficient, clear and concise in our approach.

Of course this not only applies to trains, the same applies to things we want to communicate with our clients and customers every day.

Sometimes, the closer we are to a cause, a topic, a product or a service, the more difficult it becomes to make our point.

We have so much knowledge, information, facts and figures, that creating a compelling message feels almost like an impossible task to do.

But the truth is that being able to communicate in an engaging, persuasive and meaningful way isn’t rocket science.

Dream big, go further!