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The industry has many stories to be told, and it is our job to tell those stories to your audiences. Look no further.
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Supporting you to make it right

Whether you need to communicate a success story, highlight a specific product or promote your company. We will make your video production a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our specialised team will guide you through the whole process from script-writing, talent management through to final production to make your video a compelling success.
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The proven track-record

In addition to our highly-regarded project management skills, our team is mindful of safety, has good knowledge of geography and a vast industry network. These distinctive advantages make us the clear choice when selecting an agency for your audio-visual needs. Our videography solution includes company overviews, safety inductions, project updates, case studies, events, product launches and animations!
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Aerial & ground, we’ve got it covered!

We have invested in the latest aerial technology to capture bird’s-eye view of your assets, our newest RGD1 aerial multi-rotor camera will record the highest quality of videos from high above. Show the vastness of your infrastructure projects, outdoor events and even rolling stock in motion for pitching or upcoming exhibitions. It will help uplift your company profile and illustrate your capabilities within the industry.
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The new video stock library

We are constantly adding video stock footage in our stock library. We have improved the stock library and purchasing a video footage is now as easy as 1-2-3! Whenever you see this icon , it means there are videos available for preview and purchase. If you still cannot find the right one, let us know and we can either search our larger internal video library or take them for you.
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Drive your marketing dollar further

Our specialisation of the transport industry means you are in the good hands of the team here at RailGallery. Dealing with less agencies and stakeholders means lesser chance of things will go wrong. Also, it means you can drive your marketing dollar further when combining services into one job. To take advantage of this, simply give us a call or send us an email and we will show you how!
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